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Schrodt Designs Faceted Cobalt Hummingbird Feeder
Schrodt Designs Faceted Cobalt Hummingbird Feeder
Price: $37.89
Now: $34.10
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Coveside Mirrored Panoramic In-House Window Bird Feeder
Coveside Mirrored Panoramic In-House Window Bird Feeder
Price: $129.79
Now: $119.99
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Opus EZ Fill Hummingbird Feeder
Opus EZ Fill Hummingbird Feeder
Price: $12.39
Now: $11.15
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Schrodt Designs Hummingbird Paradise Ruby
Schrodt Designs Hummingbird Paradise Ruby
Price: $39.99
Now: $36.99
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Home Bazaar Kings Gate Cottage Bird House
Home Bazaar Kings Gate Cottage Bird House
Price: $84.95
Now: $69.99
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 About Us 
 is a family-owned business that grew out of a love of wildlife and our natural environment. Providing bird feeders and bird houses is more than a rewarding interest. As natural habitat for wildlife shrinks, backyard bird nesting sites, bird feeders and support for other wildlife can help replace some of the loss of natural habitat, providing refuge and support for many species. Bird Feeders Unlimited is designed to serve nature lovers, proudly offering the best in design and quality in backyard birding and wildlife products, including unique nature related gifts, books and garden décor.

Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, Bird Baths - we have them all in a variety of materials and sizes. We have top quality Bird Feeders and backyard birding products at low prices. We have Tube Bird Feeders as well as Hopper Bird Feeders, Hummingbird Feeders (including beautiful Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeders), Platform Bird Feeders, Mesh Bird Feeders, and Oriole Feeders. Our bird houses include Blue Bird Houses, Wren Houses, Chickadee Houses, Owl Houses, and we even carry a selection of Bat Houses and Butterfly Houses as well as a large selection of Decorative Bird Houses. We also offer a wide range of Bird Baths; Decorative Bird Baths, Fountain Bird Baths, Heated Bird Baths and Non-Heated Bird Baths. In Nature Books and Gifts we have Bird Field Guides, Nature Jewelry and Art, Nature Toys and other nature gifts. Finally, we offer an excellent selection of high quality Birding Optics such as Binoculars, Monoculars and Spotting Scopes. So if you're a Bird Lover in the market for birding products, we have what you’re looking for. No minimum order quantity for most products.  And don’t forget that a portion of our profits benefits The National Wildlife Federation.

Our goal is to provide a complete range of bird feeders, bird houses and other wildlife products and resources in the belief that backyard birders can make a significant contribution by helping to counterbalance the ongoing loss of wildlife habitat  In furtherance of this, a portion of the profits earned by Bird Feeders Unlimited is donated to The National Wildlife Federation to support their "Garden for Wildlife" program. This program helps Americans make their yards and gardens more wildlife friendly and recognizes their efforts by certifying qualified yards and gardens as  Backyard Wildlife Habitat. For more information about birds, backyard wildlife and other environmental issues, please visit our Nature Links page.

The mission of Bird Feeders Unlimited is to provide friendly personalized service to all of our customers. If you have any comments or suggestions that would help us serve you better, please
Contact Us. 

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1.  Erva Wraparound Disk Baffle 4x4 Post - Tan
2.  Erva Red Hummingbird Feeder Rain Guard
3.  Erva Cylindrical Raccoon Baffle Tan - 4x4 Poles
4.  Artline 50oz. Strawberry Hummingbird Feeder
5.  Coveside Panoramic In-House Window Bird Feeder
6.  Perky Pet Window Hummingbird Feeder
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